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Informati con la notra pagina cookies policy last minute

What are Cookies? Cookies are pieces of information placed on your browser for the purpose of subscription newsletters Hotels offers last minute when you visit a website or use a social network with your PC, smartphone or tablet to book a last minute holiday to the sea or in the mountains with your family or friends. Every cookies last minute policy contains various data such as, for example, the name of the server from which it comes, a numeric identifier, etc .. Cookies may remain in the system for the duration of a session (that is, until you close the browser used for navigation on the web to find holiday offers, holiday discounts, last minute vacation packages in half board or full board) or for long periods and may contain a unique identifier cookies policy last minute

There are many functions that cookies last minute policy play. For example, we can help you remember your user name and preferences between the beach holidays or vacations in montagnao family holidays, holidays with children, analyze the performance of our website to allow you to book a last minute holiday, or there allow to recommend content that we believe are most relevant to you as a vacation offers, holiday discounts, hotel deals, vacation packages. Some cookies contain personal information, for example, if you click “remember me” when you’re running authentication, your user name is stored in a cookie whether you’re family, family with children, adults and children, young or Senior citizens. Most cookie does not collect identifiable information, instead reap more general information such as the way in which users have come to our site, as we use them to reserve a last minute holiday, take advantage of vacation packages, affordable prices , holiday discounts, or the general location of a user in cookies last minute policy.

What are cookies?
Information on our cookies policy last minute!

Some cookies, cookies last minute policy are used to perform computer authentication, monitoring of sessions and store specific information about users who log on to a web page to browse for holiday offers, last minute holidays, family packages.

These cookies, cookies policy last minute so-called technicians, are often useful, because they can make faster and quick navigation and use of the web to organize holidays at the seaside or in the mountains last minute, because such intervene to facilitate certain procedures when you shop online holiday packages, hotel promotions, offers family when you login to restricted access areas or when a web site automatically recognizes the language you use is usually that suits the sea or in the mountains. A particular type of cookie, cookies last minute policy called analytics, are then used by the operators of websites to collect information, in aggregate form, the number of users and how they visit the site, or use it to search for the hotel price list , half board or full board offers offers and then prepare general statistics about the service and its use.

Other cookies, cookies last minute policy may instead be used for monitoring and profiling the users tourists, families, families with children, adults and children, young people, groups while browsing, study their movements and the web consultation habits and consumption ( what they buy as vacation packages, family packages, what they read, etc.), also in order to send targeted advertising and personalized services (so-called Behavioural advertising) as cookies policy last minute.

We speak in this case of profiling cookies (cookies policy last minute). For example: have you ever visit a service site, to use your webmail or access your page on a social network and find banner ads related to your latest research on the web or at the last purchase made on the Internet like a weekend at the beach or mountains weekend? For example advertising beach hotel, seaside hotel, mountain hotel.

This happens because those spaces web cookies policy last minute policies are designed to recognize your computer or another terminal you use to connect to the web (smartphones, tablets), and possibly direct you promotional messages “profiles” based on your research of Hotels, last minute holiday deals, hotel deals, and your use of the Internet.

It can happen to the cookies policy last minute also that a web page contains cookies from other sites and content in various elements hosted on the same page, such as bed and breakfast advertising banners, seaside hotel, hotel in a last minute mountain, images, videos, etc .. We speak, in these cases, so-called third-party cookies, which are usually used for profiling of tourists, groups of people, families, children, adults with children.

So our cookies policy last minute you download on PC, smartphones and tablets can also be read by other persons, other than those who manage the web pages of hotels, restaurants, places that you visit.

Cookies policy last minute
Information on our cookies policy last minute

Given the particular invasiveness that profiling cookies (especially those third parties) may be within the private sphere of users including couples, adults and children, families, couples with children, the European and Italian legislation requires the user must be properly informed about the use of the same and to express their valid consent to the insertion ofcookies policy last minute on his terminal. In any case, in addition to the protection provided, you also have other options to navigate without cookies and book in peace your beach holiday last minute last minute cookies policy:

Blocks third party cookies cookies policy last minute

The third-party cookies are generally not necessary to browse the last minute hotel website, so you can refuse them by default, obtaining your browser’s functions.

Enable the Do Not Track cookies policy last minute

The Do Not Track option is present in most newer browsers. The hotels, restaurants, local websites designed so as to respect this option, when activated, automatically should stop collecting some of your browsing data. As mentioned, however, not all web sites are set up to enforce this option (discretionary).

Activates the mode of “private browsing”cookies policy last minute

Using this feature, you can browse without leaving a trace in the navigation data browser as booked hotel accommodation at affordable prices, offers last minute holidays. The sites do not remember you, the pages you visit will not be stored in the history of the hotel search on the sea, mountain hotel, last minute holidays and new cookies are deleted cookies policy last minute.

Anonymous browsing capability does not protect the anonymity of the Internet people seeking single, double or twin rooms, because it serves not only to maintain the navigation data in the browser, whereas your navigation data to try hotel offers all inclusive or last-minute deals will continue to remain available to the operators of websites and connectivity provider cookies policy last minute

Delete cookies directly cookies policy last minute

There are special functions to do this in all browsers. But remember that every time you connect to the Internet download new cookie, so the delete operation should be executed periodically, both during the summer and the winter season, in high season, high season or low season. If desired, some browsers offer automated systems for periodic deletion of cookies before and after a 3-star hotel accommodation and booking search.

What kind of cookies used this site?

In general, our cookies have different functions:

Essential cookies (technical) – cookies policy last minute
Some cookies are essential to the operation of our site. For example, some cookies allow us to identify and to ensure that the registered users can access sensitive pages as a Hotels, beachfront hotel offers, last minute holidays. If a user chooses to disable cookies, you will not be able to access all the content in the reserved pages including hotel services, amenities, events, discounts and promotions cookies policy last minute.

Persistent Cookies Third Party
Are used to analyze the website access (eg. Google Analytics) and to allow users to share content of thecookies policy last minute as the best site for last minute holiday offers through social networks (FB-Twitter-Advisor etc ..). These cookies, are stored permanently on your computer and have a duration ranging from summer to winter, high season and low season.

Our cookies cookies policy last minute

Google Analytics Cookies

Our website uses Google Analytics, Inc., a service that offers families, families with children, adults and children, groups and seniors measurement statistics and analysis of the performance of the website, through the use of Cookies. To consult the privacy policy on your last minute holiday, cookies policy last minute in the Google Analytics service, visit:

All rules Google Privacy Policy, we recommend the following address cookies policy last minute

Google Adwords & Google Remarketing cookies policy last minute

The website could use the Google Adwords program and Google Remarketing technology. Both are run by Google Inc .. Even the AdWords conversion tracking feature uses cookies. To help us keep track of holiday sales to the sea or mountain holidays, and other conversions, it adds a cookie to a user’s computer when that user clicks on an ad like holiday offers, last minute holidays, discounts promotions and last minute hotel cookies policy last minute

This cookie lasts 30 days and does not collect or track information that can personally identify a user be it family, group of people, adults and children. Users can disable the Google conversion tracking cookie in their Internet browser settings. In some cases cookies can cause problems when accessing the hotel site or while browsing within your AdWords account. When this occurs, the best way to correct the problem and book stay at sea or in the mountains is to empty the cache and saved cookies for your Internet browser. To learn more about click here

The user including tourists, families, children, seniors, groups of people or individuals ultimately can disable cookies by Google Analytics by downloading a specific plug-in available at the following url browser gaoptout.

Facebook Cookies – cookies policy last minute

The site may use cookies of Facebook Inc. to monitor the progress of the search Facebook Ads campaigns holiday offers and last minute holidays and events and demonstrations and any remarketing summer vacation actions. Click below for more information about the use of cookies by Facebook:

Tripadvisor Cookies – cookies policy last minute

The site may use cookies to Tripadvisor for hotel evaluation and choice of your vacation Our cookies

The site with the cookies page last minute policy may use cookies to analyze the visits, click-through cookies. For more information about this cookie and best Hotels oprezzi advantageous or convenient Hotels go to page:

Cookies, cookies policy last minute of this site (cookies last minute policy) is used by someone else to book holidays and look for deals at the hotel?

The Advertisers sometimes use their own cookies to deliver targeted advertising as events, discounts and promotions hotel. For example, advertisers can use a profile that built on other sites you’ve visited previously as holiday offers, last minute holidays, cheap hotel price in order to present the most relevant alerts during your visit to those sites. We believe it is useful to our users see ads that are more relevant to their interests for beach holidays, holidays in the mountains, hotel offers high season, low season offers hotels, cookies policy last minute.

If you want to learn more about cookies last minute policy and how advertisers ads on hotels and restaurants use these types of cookies or how to choose not to receive them, you can visit the site If you reside in the United States visit site.

Also we allow third parties to serve cookies policy last minute that fall into the four categories above. For example, many companies such as hotels at the beach or hotels montagnausiamo Google Analytics to monitor traffic on our website. We can also use third-party cookies to help with market research of hotel good prices conversion tracking, to enhance the functionality of the site search holiday offers, last minute holidays, seaside hotel and hotel in the mountains and for the control of compliance with the terms and conditions and our copyright policy (cookies policy last minute).

Can a user of our site tourist block cookies?

The first time you log on to our website to see price list hotel prices, accommodation offers, holidays in hotels is shown a message overlay that explains that, by continuing to access our site to search hotel services, hotel facilities, hotel deals, you consents to the use of cookies. However, if you wish to disable cookies, please follow the instructions in “How to disable cookies on your browser” cookies below cookies policy last minute

Please note that if you choose to disable cookies, you may some sections of our website may not function properly as holiday offers, events, last minute holiday to the sea or in the mountains with family or friends, cookies policy last minute

The views of the emails that we send to book holiday in a hotel or search for information on hotel deals or offers holiday with your family or children are drawn?

Our e-mail messages may contain a “web beacon pixels” in order to know if our messages are opened, and to check for any clicks on links diofferte last minute or on the advertising of this within the email for last minute holidays. We may use this information for purposes that include determining which of our emails are more attractive to users, ask if users do not open the emails they wish to continue to receive them, and inform our advertisers such as hotels or restaurants on the total number of users as families, young people, groups, families with last minute child who click on their ads. The “web beacons, pixel” will be deleted when you delete the email that contains it. If you do not want to receive the “web beacons pixels”, you must request to receive from us the emails in text format rather than HTML cookies policy last minute.

If you disable cookies policy last minute, it is possible that some sections of our web site as holiday offers, last minute deals, holiday hotels are not working. For example, you may have trouble recording or viewing of the pages used for booking holiday request rates, benefits or cookies policy last minute promotions.

How to disable cookies policy last minute for targeted advertising based on the behavior of tourists, groups of people, families with children, seniors last minute, last minute cookies policy
If you are concerned about this type of cookie (showing targeted advertisements based on the use of our and other websites type hotel by the sea or in the mountains oristoranti), users based in the EU, can visit www., while residents of the United States foreign groups can visit to choose to be excluded from using these third-party cookies, cookies policy last minute

The sites mentioned above are not sites operated by us, and we are not responsible for their content.

How to enable or disable cookies on your browser to try a last minute holiday offers, last minute holidays, staying in hotels, hotels with parking

cookie settings – cookies policy last minute
You can decide to allow or not the setting of cookies on your computer, but this web site works best with all types of cookies enabled torque tipoofferte, last minute offers family, children offered in hotels on the beach or mountains. The settings relating to cookies can be controlled and modified by the “Preferences” in the browser, cookies policy last minute.

Select below the browser you are using for information on how to change cookie settings for your summer holidays in the last minute family, a couple or with friends cookies policy last minute.



Internet Explorer



For all browsers

Refer to the help of the browser you’re using to search for summer holidays last minute.

Additional information for your family vacations, couples and children Last Minute

More details on how companies use cookies to offer last minute holidays can be found at
If you have questions regarding hotel by the sea, mountain hotel last minute, half board, full board, bed and breakfast or regarding this policy please contact us directly to our e-mail addresses

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