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The most beautifoul village of Romagna

Through the most beautifu villages of Romagna

Travelling from the Rimini Coast to the Cesena hills, you will go all along the Rubicon valley: here you can find some of the most beautiful villages of Romagna, surrounded by vineyards, rivers and smooth hills.

One valley, a thousand tales

From Julius Cesar to contemporary art

On the hills of the Rubicon valley you will find the most beautiful villages of Romagna, whose walls keep thousands tales.Here Julius Cesar pronounced the famous sentence “Alea iacta est”, Giovanni Pascoli spent his childhood and youth years, and Tonino Guerra used to walk all along the most ancient houses of Santarcangelo. Those who wish to sightsee the villages of Romagna can start from San Mauro, a few kilometers away from Rimini, where the birth house of Pascoli and the wondrous complex of Villa Torlonia keep the charm of his poems. Quite close lies Santarcangelo, in whose narrow streets you can come across the fountains ideated by Tonino Guerra or the museum dedicated to him, while the Malatesta Castle of Longiano hosts the works of some of the most famous artists of the Twentieth century.

Museo Casa Pascoli.

The house where the poet was born holds the memories of his childhood, marked by the murder of his father Ruggero, and of his youth: his first love affairs, his political engagement and his verses dedicated to Romagna live again within the museum’s walls.

Malatesta Castle of Longiano

The Longiano castle has been for some centuries the residence of the powerful dynasty of the Malatestas. Today it hosts one of the most beautiful and original art collections of Emilia Romagna, with works by some great Italian and foreign artists of the Twentieth Century.

Tonino Guerra’s fountains

Walking through the villages of Romagna you can come across one of the fountains ideated by Tonino Guerra, an artist and poet from Santarcangelo. Each of them has different shapes and colors, but all of them invite tourists to stop to admire their beauty.

The beautiful Romagna of art and wine

Nature, history and culture closely interweave in the Romagna villages. You may be surprised to discovered that, as soon as you turn the corner of a narrow lane, the view opens up to the seaside, or that an ancient castle keeps works by Chagall and Matisse.
Today the villages of the Rubicon valley host international festivals, such as Santarcangelo dei teatri (Santarcangelo of Theaters), and a galaxy of small museums…
Furthermore it is said that the Sangiovese draws its name precisely from these vineyards: if you are tired, stopping to taste a glass of this wine in one of the many wineries could be a very good idea.

Romagna and Sangiovese

The origins of Sangiovese are uncertain, but according to some people it draws its name from the vineyards of Monte Giove, near Santarcangelo.., what better occasion than a day through the villages of Romagna to taste a glass of it?

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