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Places to visit in Riccione

Not only discos: attractions for you to sightsee in Riccione

When you think of holidays in Romagna, the thought goes to the discos, fun and colorful beaches… Of course, you will find all this, but the places for you to sightsee in Riccione are many more.

Discovering Riccione

Between castles and Liberty-style villas

Riccione holds in itself the hospitality and joyfulness typical of Romagna; visitors can spend the day sunbathing and the night dancing and having fun, or treat themselves to a day in the local theme parks, like Aquafan and Italia in miniatura.
However, many more places for you to sightsee are waiting for you in Riccione. You only need to discover them. Walking along the seafront, you may come across the fountain Il bosco della pioggia (the wood of rain), ideated by Tonino Guerra, whose sound and colors are in dialogue with the sea… Or you can stop and visit the modern art gallery of Villa Franceschi, or Villa Mussolini, where cultural events are hosted the whole year long. If you then wish to admire Riccione from above, the hills of the Agolantis Castle offers a wonderful view of the Riviera.

Villa Franceschi.

The Vllla, built at the beginning of the Twentieth century, is a charming mélange of Modern Style and Neoclassical features. Today it hosts the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, besides temporary exhibitions and cultural and teaching activities.

The wood of rain.

“I have always loved rain quite a lot. Water touches you with a thousand liquid notes”. So did Tonino Guerra describe rain, and the fountain on the seafront of Riccione is dedicated to him, in a charming game of resonance with the sea water.

The Agolantis Castle.

The castle looks out to Riccione ever since the XIV century, built by the Agolanti family exiled there from Florence. Today the complex has been renovated and hosts several events, besides offering a magnificent view of the city.

Relaxing between nature and seaside

Who does not appreciate lightheartedness, a good laugh between friends, or fun with the family?
In Riccione you will have the opportunity to experience all this, but also to relax and restoring your tune… Who would have ever said that the city of discos also hosts a famous spa?
However the thermal estate of Riccione, immersed in a park looking out to the sea, are without any doubt among the most beautiful attractions in town. After treatments you can give yourself a drink in one of the many pubs of Porto Canale, or a esperienzeping promenade downtown.

The seafront

On the Riccione seafront you will find no cars: a 3-kilometer pathway dedicated to bicycles and pedestrians has been created, along which you can train or give yourself a promenade while enjoying the light of the sunset or dawn.

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